Cheek Filler Treatments in North Cotswold

As we age, it is only natural for us to lose volume in the face as well as some measure of elasticity in the skin. A fast and effective way to remedy that situation is with dermal fillers injected into the cheek area. Not only does this increase the volume and plumpness of the cheeks, but it can also be carefully sculpted by our trained medical clinician to improve the definition of the cheekbones and surrounding area, as well as reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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High-quality Cheek Fillers

Dermal cheek fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that gives human skin its elasticity and movement. As our own hyaluronic acid breaks down over time, this results in the sagging and lining of the skin, particularly around the cheek area. Dermal fillers incorporate hyaluronic acid gel, which is injected at key points beneath the skin to add volume and definition to the cheek area.

We only use the best filler products on the market, from manufacturers with an enviable reputation for quality results and safety. Restylane is one such product, used by cosmetic clinicians across the country for the exceptional results it delivers.

What Does the Cheek Filler Procedure Involve?

Before the treatment can be arranged, we will have a consultation with you to discuss the effect you want to achieve. This gives you the chance to ask any questions and air any concerns you might have.

The cheek filler process itself takes around half an hour, meaning you can be in and out of the clinic before you know it, with no need to worry about taking time off work for a lengthy procedure.

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Are Cheek Fillers Safe?

There is minimal risk associated with cheek fillers, particularly when performed by experts with the training and expertise of our own medical staff. We use quality products with a proven track record for safety and patient satisfaction.

While some customers experience a certain amount of discomfort when the injection takes place, for the most part, the procedure is painless. That being said, most injection treatments carry the risk of potential bruising, so we recommend leaving adequate recovery time between having the injections and any special occasion you might be planning.

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Your Local Cheek Filler Experts

If you are a resident of North Cotswold or the surrounding area, make J2 Medical your first (and only) port of call for all your cheek filler needs. We have our own clinic in Swalcliffe where we perform all of our filler procedures. This ensures a safe and hygienic environment for our patients, where all treatments can be conducted with skill and discretion.

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