Dermal Fillers in Oxfordshire

Dermal fillers are one of the easiest and most popular methods of non-surgical cosmetic treatments we offer at J2 Medical, and it is not difficult to see why. These versatile products are injected at key points around the face, depending on the desired effect. They restore elasticity to the skin and add volume to the affected area, which can then be sculpted or contoured to meet the specific needs of the patient.

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What Are Dermal Fillers?

While there are many types of dermal fillers on the market, here at J2 Medical, we only use fillers with a hyaluronic acid base. This is a substance that occurs naturally in human skin, giving it elasticity. When this acid breaks down (as it tends to do over time), the skin begins to sag and loosen, producing deep-set wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and other unwanted effects.

By using a hyluronic acid gel as a dermal filler, we can remedy these common signs of ageing by plumping up the skin and restoring some of its lost elasticity. Since the gel is easily malleable when first injected, it can also be sculpted and contoured, allowing us to shape key parts of the facial features.

What Do Dermal Filler Injections Involve?

Dermal fillers are just one of several solutions to a variety of cosmetic issues. To ensure this procedure is the right one for you, we hold an initial consultation with you to discuss what you want to achieve with your treatment. Not only can we advise you on the best way to reach those goals, but we can also answer any concerns you might have about the process.

Dermal fillers are a fast and effective cosmetic treatment, with most procedures taking mere minutes to complete. Some patients advise that the injection itself can be uncomfortable, but the overall process is relatively painless.

Spa client getting a dermal filler injection into the forehead
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Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

There are two things to consider when it comes to the safety of dermal fillers – the quality of the product and the experience of the person administering it. Fortunately for our patients, here at J2 Medical, we excel in both. We use high-quality dermal fillers from some of the industry’s best-known and respected producers, such as Teoxane, Restylane, and Juvederm. We also have our own in-house medical professional with decades of experience, ready to deliver the high standard of treatment you deserve.

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Your Local Dermal Filler Experts

We administer all our dermal filler treatments at our Swalcliffe clinic, where we see customers from across North Cotswold. Our healthcare facility is easy to access and provides a safe and hygienic place to undergo our extensive range of cosmetic treatments, including those involving dermal fillers.

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