Lip Correction Treatments in North Cotswold

Here at J2 Medical, we pride ourselves on the quality of our various lip enhancement solutions, such as lip fillers and corner lip lifts, among the many cosmetic treatments we provide. Whenever a customer needs their lips made more plump, better defined, or reshaped, they can depend on us to deliver an exceptional service that gives them the lips they always dreamed about.

Unfortunately, not every cosmetic treatment provider is as committed to their patients as we are. There are too many examples of people wanting a particular look for their lips, only to come away disappointed and needing the work corrected by real medical professionals.

That is where J2 Medical comes in.

Beauty injections on the lips in a cosmetology clinic

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What is Lip Correction?

Lip correction refers to several minor cosmetic procedures that we can employ to “tidy up” a poorly enhanced pair of lips. If your lip fillers were applied unevenly, resulting in a lumpy pair of lips, or went beyond the lipline to produce poorly defined lips, we can help. Our cosmetic specialist has spent decades performing high-quality lip enhancements, and that expertise gives them the necessary skills to correct someone else’s substandard handywork.

What Does Lip Correction Involve?

First of all, you will need to meet with of our trained medical clinician in person to assess the extent of the damage to your lips. They will discuss what you want to achieve and offer their professional advice on how that might best be achieved. Typically, this involves specialist fillers to reshape the lip area, though Botox may be used in some cases to relax the muscles around the lips.

Once we have decided on a treatment plan, it will not take long for our expert to complete the procedure. We specialise in non-surgical cosmetic interventions, meaning we can correct your lips quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The process is normally painless, though injecting dermal fillers in such a sensitive area as your lips may cause some discomfort.

Woman Getting Beauty Injection For Lips
Enlarging lips at cosmetic clinic

Is Lip Correction Safe?

When it comes to lip correction treatments, the damage has already been done. Poorly applied lip fillers and misjudged Botox injections can cause serious problems, which is why we also recommend choosing the healthcare professional at J2 Medical. We know the right doses and methods of application for all our lip correction techniques, and we administer them with skill and precision.

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Your Local Lip Correction Experts

If you need a lip correction in North Cotswold, then come to our Swalcliffe clinic, where we can provide you with the service you need in a safe, clean, and hygienic environment. Whatever treatment you need, we promise a fast and efficient service every time.

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