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There are many forms of facial rejuvenation treatments available, everything from fillers to Botox, each designed to restore your face’s youthful appearance. One of the most popular treatments is a proprietary injection of hyaluronic acid and amino acids known as Sunekos.

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What Is Sunekos?

Sunekos is an injectable facial rejuvenation treatment that assists in the regeneration of your skin’s Extracellular Matrix (also known as its ECM). It does this by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin (which are responsible for producing collagen and elastin), resulting in noticeably tighter and plumper skin.

How Does Sunekos Work?

Unlike other facial rejuvenation treatments, Sunekos is not a dermal filler. While fillers involve injecting collagen directly under the skin’s surface, Sunekos’ unique combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids stimulates the natural production of both collagen and elastin deep down in the skin’s structure.

This means that your body is producing fresh collagen and elastin naturally, with Sunekos providing the kickstart it needs to begin the process. These key ingredients for skin health help restore your skin’s elasticity and natural volume.

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Sunekos Treatment Areas

While Sunekos is typically used to treat the full face area (including around the eyes, nose, mouth, and forehead), it is a versatile treatment that can be used in several other areas. These include:

Inner Thighs

What Can Sunekos Do For You?

Sunekos offers several key benefits to patients looking for tighter and more youthful-looking skin. It aids skin hydration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, as well as bags and dark circles under the eyes. It tightens loose and sagging skin, creating a natural look with results visible within a week of treatment. By stimulating fibroblasts within the skin, it actively combats ageing, improves contour definition, and restores your skin’s youthful appearance.

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Doctor injecting hyaluronic acid into the cheekbones of a woman as a facial rejuvenation treatment

What Does Sunekos Facial Rejuvenation Involve?

Before you commit to a series of Sunekos injections, you will be expected to meet with one of our healthcare professionals for a consultation. This is to understand what you want from the procedure and whether Sunekos is the right treatment for you.

The process itself is fairly quick, meaning you will not have to lose a full day when booking your appointment. It is a painless procedure for the most part, though it can result in light bruising around the injection points. This normally clears up within a day or two.

Is Sunekos Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Safe?

Sunekos has an excellent safety profile, having undergone exhaustive testing prior to reaching the market. Here at J2 Medical Aesthetics, we only use products that we know to be safe for our patients throughout the North Cotswold area. With our experienced medical doctor administering our Skin Boost treatments, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in safe hands.

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You can undergo a facial rejuvenation treatment using Sunekos at our specialist clinic in Swalcliffe. Here, we welcome customers from across the North Cotswold area, delivering a first-class service on all procedures. Our medical aesthetics clinic guarantees a sterile and hygienic environment for every patient.

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